Workflow Data

View all workflow data#

Every time a workflow is run, data is generated by the workflow, as well as by all the components. Workflow86 tracks all the data generated when a workflow is run. You can view all the data for a workflow via the Workflow Data page. This can be accessed via the canvas


The workflow data page will open in a new tab. The viewing table displays the data from the workflow, with each row being one workflow session.


The first four columns are the project session metadata: the session ID, the project version, the time and date the session was started and the time and date the session was completed.

Finding the data for a component#

For each component, the headers will be color coordinated with their icon in the canvas. So in the example below, you can see that the columns of data from the form have the same light blue color as the form component in the canvas.


The data for each component will also always start with the component ID and then the component type


View more rows of data#

The data viewing table will start by displaying the last 20 project sessions. To load more data into view, press the "Load more data" button - this will load another 20 rows of data into the table for viewing.

Refreshing data#

The "Refresh data" button will refresh the viewing table to update it with any new data that has just come in.

Export all data as a CSV file#

To export all the data as a CSV file, press the "Export CSV" button.