Workflow Access Control


By default, all new projects, as well as all projects imported from the marketplace, are automatically set to restricted, with access given to all users in the current organization account. Be sure to check and change this if you want the workflow to be run by others.

You can control who can use and interact with specific components in a workflow via the workflow access controls, which can be found in the workflow canvas toolbar


When you click this link, a dialog will appear displaying the current access settings for the workflow. Inside of the access control will be a table with a column for every user-facing component in the workflow. User-facing components include:

  • Form
  • Sequential Form
  • Upload Spreadsheet
  • Typeform (public by default)
  • Webhook (public by default)

Note that access controls are set for each component individually, meaning that you can have some components that are public and others that are restricted in the same workflow.

The Typeform and Webhook Import components are set to public by default and this cannot be changed.

Allow anyone to run the component#

If you want anyone to be able to run a component, turn on the Public switch. Once this is turned on, the component will become public, meaning anyone can access it and make submissions from it without needing a Workflow86 account.


Restrict a component to users only#

To restrict a component, turn off the Public switch. You can then check which users inside of your organization you want to allow to submit from that component.


When a component has been restricted, users must login before being able to access that component.


Let's say you have a workflow like this: there is a public facing form which you want anyone to access and submit, which then goes to a sequential form sent to someone in your team to review. The sequential form should only be accessible by someone in your team because it involves an internal process or decision:


The access control settings for your workflow should look this: the Form is open to the public so anyone can view and submit from it, but the Sequential Form is restricted to a user in your organization"


Can I control who can view/edit a workflow?#

Currently, all Editors and Admins in your organization can view and edit all workflows. However, we are working on adding the ability to restrict Editor and Admin access to specific workflows.