Subscription and Billing

Upgrade your subscription from free to paid#

If you are currently on the free tier, you can upgrade your subscription to the paid tier by clicking the โ€œUpgradeโ€ button.


Changing your subscription and/or changing the number of licenses#

To change your subscription and/or change the number of licenses you currently have, click โ€œEdit Subscriptionโ€. You will be brought to the subscription selection page where you can increase/decrease the number of user licenses in your current subscription, change between subscription tiers, or do both.


Once you have configured and selected the change you wish to make, you will see a dialog to confirm your new order. Review your order and ensure that everything is correct. This dialog will display the new total cost which will apply at the next billing cycle, as well as any cost to be paid now for any additional licenses. This amount to be paid now is the cost of the additional licenses pro-rated for the remaining time until the next billing cycle.


Once you have confirmed your order you will see your subscription details updated accordingly in your organisation settings.

Decrease number of licenses#

You can decrease the number of users in your subscription by clicking "Edit Subscription" and then changing the number at the top:


Note that any decrease in the number of licenses will apply at the start of the next billing cycle. You will still have any licenses you have already purchased until then.


If you decrease the number of licenses you have, you will need to manually reassign or disable users to that number before the next billing cycle. If at the next billing cycle you have more users assigned that you have licenses available, excess user accounts may be automatically disabled based.

Change your billing details#

To change your billing details such as the card you are using for purchases or your billing address, click โ€œeditโ€. A page where you can view and change your billing details will open in a new tab.


Housekeeping after a decrease in licenses or downgrade in subscription#

A decrease in licenses or a downgrade applies at the start of the next billing cycle. Until that date, you will still have the number of licenses and features that you paid for at the start of the current billing cycle.

If you currently have more users or uploaded files than you will have after the downgrade, you will be prompted to decrease these before the next billing date.

Cancel a subscription change or downgrade#

Any decreases in licenses or downgrades in the middle of a billing cycle will be applied at the start of the next billing cycle. Until the start of the next billing cycle, your subscription will remain the same. You can cancel this change at any time before the next billing date by clicking โ€œCancel Changeโ€. This will cancel all changes i.e. any changes to your subscription and any increase or decrease in licenses.