Sending emails via SMTP

The Email and Sequential Form components send out emails using the email by default. You can have these components send emails via your own email service and address by using the SMTP feature.

Depending on what email service you use, you will also need to do some additional set up in that email service in additional to the set up in Workflow86. Below are guides to setting up on a few of the most popular email services.

Office 365#

Disable Security defaults#

To use the SMTP feature with an Office365 email, you will need to disable security defaults in the Azure Active Directory settings. Read more about this here.

Go to the Azure Active Directory link via the left menu:


Click on "Properties" and then click on "Manage Security defaults" and turn the toggle off and click save.


Enable Authenticated SMTP#

Microsoft goes into detail on how to enable SMTP in this article here.

We'll outline the simplest, which is using the Microsoft 365 admin center to enable or disable SMTP AUTH on specific mailboxes.


You will need to be an administrator with access to the admin center to do this. If you are not an administrator, ask your administrator to perform these steps for your mailbox.

Open the Microsoft 365 admin center and go to Users > Active users.


Select the user, and in the flyout that appears, click Mail.


In the Email apps section, click Manage email apps.

Verify that the Authenticated SMTP setting is enabled. Unchecked = disabled, checked = enabled.


When you're finished, click Save changes.

You can now set up your Email Credential (SMTP) in the Credential Store, selecting "Office 365" as the host option.


Authentication unsuccessful, the user credentials were incorrect#

If you come across an error message like this


Try the following fixes:

Check you are using the right password

Check whether you entered your password correctly. If you already have an App password, you want to use that instead of your regular account password.

Create an App password

Login into the relevant Office 365 user account.

Click on user icon in upper right corner on browser > View Account > My Sign-Ins > Security Info


Click Add method > select App password


Follow the steps to create the App password.

Use the app password instead of your regular account password in the Email Credential (SMTP).

Read more about setting up an App password in Office 365 👉 here

Exclude user from Conditional Access Policy

  1. Login to the Office 365 portal
  2. Go to Azure Active Directory > Security > Conditional Access
  3. Find the policy that locks Legacy Authentication
  4. Exclude the mailbox you want to use under User Groups > Exclude
  5. Select Save

I got another error#

If you come across any other issues or errors, you may need to contact your Office 365 administrator or Microsoft support to troubleshoot the issue. The issue is likely caused by security settings or configurations inside of your Office 365 account.



To use your Gmail account with SMTP, you will need to generate an app password and enter that when configuring your Email Credential (SMTP). You will NOT be using your regular email password you use to sign into your inbox.

Enable 2-Step Verification#

Go to your Google My Account settings

Click “Security” visible on the Navigation panel on the left


Under “Signing in to Google”, click “2-Step Verification” and follow the steps outlined by Google to set it up and turn it on.


If everything is correctly set up, you should see a tick and "On" for the 2-Step Verification field:


Generate an app password#

Go to your Google My Account settings

Click “Security” visible on the Navigation panel on the left

Under “Signing in to Google”, click “App Passwords”. You will need to have 2-step verification turned on for “App password” to be available. You will be asked to sign in again.

Then click on Select app, choose ‘Other (custom name)’.


Give the app a name such as "Workflow86 Email" and then click generate


An app password will be generated - use this app password when setting up your Email Credential (SMTP) in the Credential Store. Do NOT use your normal email login password.



For Outlook ( email addresses (e.g., no additional set up is required inside Outlook to use SMTP.

Simply select "Outlook" as the host and enter your email address and email login password in the Email Credential (SMTP) in the Credential Store.


Error handling#

If an error occurs and Workflow86 is unable to establish a connection to your email server, your email will still be sent from To troubleshoot what is causing the error, go to the session logs and expand the data for the component. You should see an error message like this:


You can try some of the fixes we have outlined below. Otherwise you will need to contact your email service provider with this error message because the issue is likely a setting blocking Workflow86 on their side.