Send Slack Message

imgSend Slack Message๐Ÿ”€ actionsend a Slack message to a channel

This component allows you to send a slack message to a particular channel in a workflow.


To use this component, you will need to get a Webhook URL from Slack. Instructions on how to do this can be found below.


Anyone with the Webhook URL can post messages in your channel. Keep it safe. The Webhook URL will be deleted in any templates of this workflow.

Getting a Webhook URL from Slack#

Create a new Slack app by clicking here โžก or paste this into your browser:

Give a name to this app and select the workspace you will be using.


Enable Incoming Webhooks#

Click "Add features and functionality" and then select "Incoming Webhooks" from the options



Turn on Incoming Webhooks by clicking the switch to the right.



Create an Incoming Webhooks#

At the bottom of the page, click "Add New Webhook to Workspace"


Select the channel where you want the messages to be posted to, and then click allow.


Now you will find a Webhook URL has been generated by Slack. Copy that URL and paste it into the Send Slack Message component.


Setting up the Slack message#

Once you have set up the Webhook URL, you can then set up the template for the Slack messages to be posted. You can use placeholders inside this message to push in incoming information from the rest of the workflow.