Query Database

imgQuery Database๐Ÿ”€ actionRetrieve a database record using a query

The Query Database component allows you to run a query to extract data from a database. For example, you can run a query to return all values in the "username" column when the values in the "order amount" column is greater than 50.

The output of the Query Database component is a list of values, which can then be passed into the List Transform component for further processing if required.

Configuring the query#

Select a database from the dropdown menu and then click Get Data.


This will load a preview of the database.


Click Add Data Query to create a query. You can create multiple queries inside of a single Query Database component.


Select the output of the query. There are two options:

All data in a column#

This will output all the data in a column as a list i.e. returns all values in Column A.


Select data if a condition is met#

This will return the data in a column that meets a certain condition e.g. return the data in "test" column which matches "Test data 5".

You can also use this to return the values in one column where the values in another meets a condition e.g. return the values in Record ID where the values in test matches "Test data 1".



What happens if the component encounters an error with one query?

If there are multiple queries in the Query Database component and a error is encountered with a particular query, the component will skip that query and continue running the next query. An error message will be returned in the session logs.