What is the marketplace?#

The marketplace is where you can find and import workflows built by other users of Workflow86, as well as share workflows that you have built.

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The marketplace is a space that any other Administrator or Editor account in Workflow86 can access. As an Administrator or Editor user, you can import any of the templates in this space. If you deploy a workflow to the public marketplace, it can be imported by an Administrator or Editor user from any organization.


Be careful of what is inside of a workflow before you deploy it to the public marketplace. Any component files such as document templates, attached files in an email component, spreadsheets uploaded to the Query Spreadsheet component, will also be copied and downloaded when someone imports a template. Make sure these do not contain any sensitive information!

Managing templates in the marketplace#

When you have deployed a template to the marketplace, you can manage it via the Workflow Repository page. Here you can find a table with all the templates that have been deployed by your organization, with details including which marketplace it has been deployed to, and the number of downloads. You can also remove templates from the marketplace from here.

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