File Library

Each workflow has its own File Library page, which will contain all files uploaded and generated in any workflow sessions from that workflow.

Uploaded files#

This table contains all files uploaded into a component (such as a spreadsheet for the Query Spreadsheet or doc template for the document editor) as well as files uploaded from a form via an upload media question.


Generated files#

Files which are generated during a workflow session such as any documents generated by the Document Editor component will be found in this tab.

The files can be downloaded individually by clicking the โ€œDownloadโ€ button in each row.

Deleting or downloading multiple files#

You can download or delete multiple files at once by selecting the checkbox on the left hand side of the table.



Deleting uploaded files can cause a workflow to not work, particularly if that file is associated with a component. For example, if you delete the document template uploaded to a document editor component in a workflow, that will prevent that component from generating a document.