Document Editor

imgDocument Editor๐Ÿ”€ actiondynamically generate documents based on a template

The document editor component allows you to dynamically generate documents using static content and placeholders.

Generate documents using built-in text editor#

This mode is best suited for simple and quick documents that do not require any complex formatting. You can use static text, insert placeholders, images and perform basic text editing and formatting such as applying fonts, tables and so on.


Generate documents using a .docx template#

In this mode, you upload a word document with the placeholders you want to merge in labelled inside the document itself in the format ${placeholder}.


In the example above, the values for ${formSubmittedDate} and ${name.answer} and ${address.answer} merged into the generated document.


This mode is best suited to generating documents where rich formatting features found inside word processors such as Microsoft Word are required.

Generate a .docx or PDF#

The document generated can be saved as either a .docx file or as a PDF.


Where can I find the generated document?#

The document editor outputs a link to the document generated as a placeholder. This can be passed to other components.

Regardless of whether the document editor is connected to another component, any documents generated will be stored in the File Library under the Generated Files tab.