Deploy a workflow to the marketplace

Any workflow you create can be deployed to the public marketplace to share with other users of Workflow86, or the private marketplace which can only be accessed by users within your organization.

To deploy a project to the marketplace, you can navigate to the project card settings and click ”Deploy to the Marketplace”


You can also deploy a workflow to the marketplace straight after publishing it by pressing the "Share workflow" button


This will then open up a dialog where you can configure how you want to share your template. You have several options for how the template can be shared:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Link


🌏 Share to public marketplace#

The Public Marketplace contains templates that can be viewed and downloaded by anyone with a Workflow86 account. Think of it as essentially "open-sourcing" your workflow.



By deploying a project to the marketplace, you will be creating a copy of that project, its components, the settings inside of these components, as well as any files attached to those components such as templates for the Document Editor.

You need to be particularly careful of any sensitive information such as passwords, API keys and similar which may be stored inside the API Request and Response or API Export components.


Deploying a workflow to the marketplace will not duplicate any generated files or uploaded files from the form. Any token generated in a webhook import component will also not be duplicated - users of a template will need to generate a new token.

πŸ”’ Share to private marketplace#

The Private Marketplace contains templates that can only be viewed by other users within your organization. Think of it as the equivalent of deploying your workflow to a private repository.


πŸ”— Share via link#

This will generate a link which you can share with anyone you want to download the workflow. Think of it as the equivalent of sharing a Google Drive or Dropbox link.


Once you have selected an option, there is another dialog where you can enter a description for the workflow.


You will then see a final confirmation screen. Click confirm once you have read through all the information.


Your workflow has now been deployed as a template which can be shared according to the settings you configured.


From here, you can share the template link via email or on social media if you wish.