Create Database Record

imgCreate Database Record๐Ÿ”€ actionCreate a new database record

The Create Database Record component allows you to create records inside of an existing database at any point in a workflow.

You can have multiple Create Record components in your workflow, allowing you to create records in multiple databases from a single workflow session.


Configuring the record to be created#

To set up the Create Database Record component, select a database from the dropdown menu:


Then click Get Data to retrieve and display the columns of that database:


You can now configure the values you want for the record. You directly type in a value, use placeholders to dynamically set the value when the workflow session runs, or mix placeholders and something typed together:


Once set up, this component will create a record with those values inside of the selected database.

The Create Record component outputs the Record ID of the record it has created as a placeholder. This can then be passed to other components for additional operations e.g. Update Database Record component.


What happens if there is an error?#

The Create Database Record component will always create a new record even if an error is encountered in one or more of the columns. If an error is encountered for filling in the data for a certain column, that column will be ignored and the component will continue to fill the other columns.