Contacting us

There are multiple ways for you to contact us when you need assistance, encounter an issue or just need to speak to someone about how to use Workflow86.

🗣 Live chat (Recommended)#

The recommended way to contact us via in-platform the chat feature. This is because when you contact us inside the platform, we have more information about who you are, what organization you belong to etc which helps up help you faster. You can find this in the bottom right corner of your screen.




When contacting us, screenshots of the issue are particularly helpful. You can attach and upload screenshots directly into the chat.

🙋‍♂️ Book a 1:1 session#

You can also set up a video chat with us by booking a 1:1 session with the Workflow86 team to dive into more complex problems ➡ here.

📨 Email us#

You can also email us at ➡


When contacting us via email, screenshots of the issue are particularly helpful. Attach them straight to the email.

📬 Send us a feature request#


This is currently under construction.