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What is Workflow86?#

Workflow86 is a no-code automation platform that allows users to create custom workflows and processes using drag and drop components. It allows users to build more of their workflow in one place, minimizing external dependencies to create more powerful and reliable workflow automation while still having the flexibility to integrate when needed.


First time using Workflow86?#

Jump straight to our getting started guide to run your first workflow and then edit your first workflow in 10 minutes.

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How do I use this component?#

Workflow86 has a range of components to build your workflow, and you can find detailed guides for how to use each component right here.

imgAirtableโ†” middleCreate or update records in Airtable
imgAPI Export๐Ÿ›‘ endExport data via API
imgAPI Request and Responseโ†” middlesend an API request and wait for a response
imgUpload Spreadsheetโžก sourceStart workflows in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet of data
imgCalculatorโ†” middlePerform calculations including statistical functions
imgConditional Logicโ†” middleApply conditional logic statements and rules to process data
imgConditional Workflowโ†” middleControl workflow paths based on a conditional statement
imgContent Libraryโ†” middleStore rich content which can be used in other components
imgCreate Database Recordโ†” middleCreate a new database record
imgDocument Editorโ†” middleDynamically generate documents based on a template
imgEmail๐Ÿ›‘ endSend emails using a template
imgForm Builderโžก sourceBuild online forms to collect data
imgList Transformโ†” middleTransform list type data
imgMerge Workflowโ†” middleMerge multiple workflow paths
imgQuery Databaseโ†” middleRetrieve a database record using a query
imgQuery Spreadsheetโ†” middleUpload a spreadsheet and run dynamic data queries
imgQuery Workflow Dataโ†” middlePull and use data from other workflows
imgSchedule Startโžก sourcestart a workflow at a certain time
imgSequential Formโ†” middleSend a link to a form which needs to be submitted before the workflow can continue
imgSend Slack Message๐Ÿ›‘ endsend a Slack message to a channel
imgTime Delayโ†” middledelay the execution of a connection
imgTrigger a Zapโ†” middletrigger a zap
imgTrigger from Zapierโžก sourcetrigger a workflow from Zapier
imgTypeformโžก sourceTrigger and workflow and get data from Typeform
imgUpdate Database Recordโ†” middleUpdate an existing database record
imgWebhook Importโžก sourceImport data and start a workflow via webhook

Need 1:1 help?#

You can book in a 1:1 session with our team to help you with anything to do with Workflow86. This includes troubleshooting issues, brainstorming ideas for workflows, or suggesting improvements for workflows you have already created yourself.

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Further support#

For further support, contact support@workflow86.com or use the live chat feature on our platform.